eUniversity web based learning solutions are a product of eUniversity Pte. Ltd., a private limited company registered in Singapore. eUniversity specializes in providing web based learning solutions, technologies, content & services. Apart from providing services to its customers directly, eUniversity also serves its customers around the world, through a network of partners. We provide the rights & the capabilities to our partners to enable them to sell & service eUniversity's solutions/ content to their clients in their local geographies or industry verticals.

eUniversity has one of the largest eLearning course catalogues in Asia Pacific, that covers most of the common learning needs of organizations. eUniversity actively partners with leading trainers, consultants, subject matter experts, industry experts/ leaders and academics to produce high quality interactive eLearning content, which then becomes available to our clients, through a desired "Learning Management System" on an affordable pay-as-per-use subscription model.